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When Tooth Erosion Becomes a Dental Emergency



Tooth erosion is a common ailment that all people experience over time. The enamel on the tooth will be worn away with daily activity, as well as the acid that enters your mouth via soda and citrus. Annual visits can help combat dental erosion, but with prolonged erosion, dental emergencies can happen. When the tooth is worn down enough, cracks and breaks can occur that will cause a great deal of pain.

Signs of Dental Erosion

Erosion is not a dental emergency, but it will lead to one if it is not treated. There are several signs that you can watch for to see if you are suffering from dental erosion. If you exhibit the signs, have the problem taken care of before it becomes a major problem.

One of the first signs of erosion that you will notice is a discoloration of the teeth. Acid in the mouth washes away the dentin that covers the teeth. When this dentin is eroded, the tooth becomes yellow. The more dentin that is washed away the more yellow the tooth will become.

Another early sign of dental erosion is tooth sensitivity. As the enamel that protects the tooth erodes, the inner part of the tooth is exposed causing pain and sensitivity when it comes in contact with hot and cold substances.

As the erosion continues, the teeth will take on a more rounded look. The sharpness of the tooth will erode away leaving a smooth surface.

Advanced Dental Erosion

If the erosion is not taken care of in the early stages, your teeth may begin cracking. The enamel on the tooth washes away with continued erosion, causing the tooth to become weak. This weakness will cause the tooth to crack with the slightest pressure. These cracks can be superficial and cause no pain. However, in more severe cases the pulp of the tooth can be exposed, causing a lot of pain. When this happens, you will need to see your dentist.

As the erosion continues, you will face extreme sensitivity in your teeth. As the enamel continues to wash away, your inner pulp of the tooth will become exposed. Your teeth will become weaker as the erosion continues. The layers of protection to the inner pulp of the tooth will become so small that nearly everything that you put in your mouth will cause pain.

With the continuation of erosion, your teeth will become so weak that if you bite wrong your teeth will break.

Preventing Dental Erosion

There are several ways that you can prevent dental erosion. Annual visits to the dentist will allow your dentist to notice the damage before it can develop to a more severe stage.

Also, every time you drink or eat acidic foods, rinse your mouth with water so that the acid does not attack your teeth. Do not drink a lot of carbonated beverages. The acid in these beverages will erode away the enamel on your teeth. You can also chew sugar free gum which will in turn cause your mouth to create more saliva and rinse your mouth naturally.

Work hard to prevent tooth erosion, but if you do end up with eroded teeth, be sure to contact Dr Antonious immediately.

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